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5 Ways to Boost Fundraising with Online Community

 Written by Elizabeth Bell on July 31, 2018 at 8:05 AM


The donor experience is changing, and nonprofits need new strategies to amp up their fundraising.

The bad news is that fundraising is getting tougher. Why? Well, although the amount given is growing, there are less donors to go around. According to Blackbaud’s recent report, every generation has seen a decline in givers since 2013, except for Baby Boomers.

Donors also expect more from their experience with nonprofits – they want to be engaged, and they want communication from you. A Fidelity study uncovered that 81% of donors are concerned about nonprofit transparency and understanding the impact of their giving.

The good news is that nonprofits can use online community platforms to increase engagement and streamline communication with donors. Your community is a place where you can be open and honest with donors, boosting their trust.

Our new infographic explains five ways you can put online community to work to improve engagement and experience, and ultimately, increase the amount of funds raised for your nonprofit.

  1. Communicate news and updates often.
  2. Offer donors more ways to give that aren’t exclusively financial, such as volunteering.
  3. Facilitate discussion between donors and between donors and staff.
  4. Compile exclusive resources for donors.
  5. Foster a personalized donor experience.


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