Sandton Sports Club working in conjunction with BrightGiants Ltd has embarked on developing a brand new digital membership solution designed to ignite this vibrant sports club’s member engagement community. The Sandton Sports Club has launched a fully integrated website with new and exciting features including the ability to join the club online and receive your personalised digital membership club card on your phone.
With increased social interaction the Sandton Sports Club hopes to drive member engagement whilst continuing to build greater community cohesion and membership. BrightGiants Ltd has partnered with Cardskipper in Sweden to provide a fully integrated digital membership card, capable of delivering up to date news and information to members via data at no cost other than their data fees.
BrightGiants Ltd was founded in January 2016 in West Sussex United Kingdom as a Digital Innovations Agency with a specific focus on associations, non-profits, and professional bodies. BrightGiants Ltd is a full-service agency operating in Johannesburg South Africa. We offer solutions and results in Sponsorships * Events * Membership Acquisitions * Digital Innovation * Training * Publishing * Marketing * Design * Software Integration.
BrightGiants Ltd currently managers The PGA of South Africa’s Digital Membership Card solution. We welcome your feedback regarding the user experience .